Ragga FM Started of life in the form of a sound system back in the early 1970’s, spreading the joy of reggae music around the UK, with its Large Bass Bin Speakers, transported on the back of a Transit Pickup. The idea in the 70’s was the large the Sound System the further away you could here it. Time moved on and the 80’s say the introduction of Radio Transmission which meant the crew of the jolly Ship Ragga FM could reach more listeners than ever before.



Ragga FM has come a long way since 1970’s, and although the Crew of the good Ship Ragga FM still manage to travel the UK to spread the joyful vibration of reggae music, the development of technology such as the internet has given Reggae Music and the Crew a truly Global Impact.


Today Ragga FM Online is working in close cooperation with local communities within the UK, providing un-tethered access to the Creation of Reggae Music of of the industries Artists and Musicians both on a local and global scale. The Ragga FM Jolly Crew of Presenters, Journalists and Researchers, in conjunction with applications such as the Ragga FM i&iPlayer®, News and Discussion forums provides the medium for Reggae lovers at all levels to be able to distribute, listen, collaborate and further develop Reggae Music globally.


The Jolly Crew of Ragga FM Online is made up of a crew of voluntary Reggae Pioneers with no political aim, but to spread the massage of Joy, Harmony, Self Motivation, Self Improvement and Love. Ragga FM sets itself apart from official bureaucracy and prides itself on its independence. Through this independence Ragga FM has gained a reputation for Community Support, impartial and objective reporting and commentary.


Ragga FM Online ‘s collaboration with Reggae Pioneers globally has expanded the journalistic approach to reggae music, allowing visitors to understand the growth and history of Reggae Music globally. Such collaborations have provided access to expert commentaries, research media and factual information on Reggae Music Artists, Musicians and their Listeners.


The Ragga FM Online Website has be compiled and created by the crew of the good Ship Ragga FM, for your listening and viewing pleasure. So allow us, to allow you to improve and enjoy, through what has become one of the most fast moving inspirational sounds of the last century. Which is Reggae Music.


Ragga FM Online provides vital community services and allows members of the public, to access vital and important local and community information. If you have a query or require the inspiration and support in your local community contact Ragga FM Online now at:

Thank You....

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